Which query should I use to see that Stonehenge is not free?

Sorry if it’s too naive question, I’m quite a newbie here. But If I’m about to query some notable tourist attractions (which Stonehenge actually is), is there any meaningful way how can I see whether it’s free or not? I’d expect some kind of fee tag somewhere… but I don’t see it.

Visitor Center Way: ‪Stonehenge Visitor Centre‬ (‪256225995‬) | OpenStreetMap - no fee tags
The stone circle itself Way: ‪Stonehenge‬ (‪37118074‬) | OpenStreetMap - no fee tags (although there is access=customers, but still not good enough IMO)
Larger area around the circle Way: ‪Stonehenge‬ (‪227357993‬) | OpenStreetMap - again, no fee tags
Even bigger area Relation: ‪Stonehenge Landscape‬ (‪12431539‬) | OpenStreetMap - same

Is it just me, or it’s not really mapped? Should fee (Key:fee - OpenStreetMap Wiki) and charge (Key:charge - OpenStreetMap Wiki) be added? I just took Stonehenge as the insanely huge and popular site, so I was quite sure it should have the proper tagging…

I think it is really not mapped, but feel free to add the information.


I suspect it’s not mapped as it wasn’t clear where to add the tag. Stonehenge can be seen for free from the roads and public footpaths that run closer to it. There is a plot of land that is fenced off which your have to pay to get into. Maybe the plot of land needs mapping and the fee tag adding to that.


tbh there’s a lot of duplication here. i’d add the fee to the circle itself, and all land that needs a ticket to get to.

have added fee=yes to circle for now at least.

Whilst we’re on the topic… is natural=bare_rock really the right tag to be using for the stones?

The documented usage is for exposed bedrock.

Seems like the tagging was changed 5 years ago, though so not a particularly recent alteration, e.g.: Way History: 99207732 | OpenStreetMap

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I would say: this is mapping for the renderer. so that it looks nice on osm-carto.



Agreed Mammi71. I suggest we revert these back to natural=stone. Any objections?