Which OSM editor support rotating view?

It would be very convenient when editing a number of parallel structures that are tilted against the North/South axis if the map can be rotated within editor, however it seems like neither JOSM nor iD editor support such action. What are some other OSM editors that can allow such operation?

Why it would be convenient? I am unsure what you want to achieve.

And JOSM has a possibility to change projections. Maybe it can be used to rotate map view.

For instance, see description at https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ticket/1981

I’d say what you need is a way to rotate your picture. Did you try to find something for that? Isn’t Mappilary doing that?

It doesn’t seems like what I need. What I need is that for example when there is a square grid of buildings on the ground, it would be much easier to visually align them when the direction of the buildings on map are aligned to the direction of the viewing screen.

I don’t see why. With the buildings_tool plugin you can draw one building, select it as a reference and draw the others with perfect alignment.

Maybe you can accept that some poeple visualize thing differently than others.

@display guy: Did you have a look at the ticket mentioned above. There someone describes how to rotate the view via custom projection. A bit cumbersome but it seems to work.

iD already has an issue for this topic: https://github.com/openstreetmap/iD/issues/4954

Yeah it do work although it have to enter degree by numbers and only support particular projections. I guess that could be used for now

I have just discovered that the “Go Map!!” OSM editor on iOS platform support rotating view.

Please check Vespucci too. IIRC Vespucci does rotation.


No, it doesn’t do rotation as envisaged here.