Which Map to start with?

Hi there,

7 days ago my Garmin 705 arrived finally! Since that i made my first steps tracking my training data. Due to the fact that the Garmin Base Map is not very helpful i learned about the Open Street Map Project (which is absolutely great!) Now my question. Fianally i made it to install the Maps for Germany from “Computerteddy”. (using Mac OS 10.5) Now i have a question regardings different maps which are available:

Wich is the best map to start with? I have tried these:

  • Germany Computerteddy
  • World (Germany) Lambertus
  • DE All in One Map Germany Christoph

I have checked different loactions in Road Trip and found out that in differnet areas these maps have different details. I thought that they would all base on the same “Base”? To be more precise: Which map should be the best to install? Furtermore i found out about a Cycling and a MTB Map but i wasn´t able to install… Actually im a bit confused. Thanks for help!


Hi Frank,

the best map for you ist the one you choose for your purpose :wink:

If you speak german, I have collected some information for Mac users here: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Gmhofmann

I would download a number of them and see which one suits your need. Everybody who creates a map tends to have different preferences for what they want in a map and different uses (cycling, driving, walking…). It really is a question of trying them out and seeing which you like best.

If you don’t like any of the maps or want something slightly different then most of the maps are created using programs such as Mkgmap so you could even create your own if you want.

It might be possible to load multiple maps into your GPS at the same time. You can then quickly switch between the maps to see which version you prefer before settling on your long term favourite.

My maps use the default Mkgmap style which is primarily targeted to car routing, but bicycle routing is regularly improved as well. I mainly focus on supporting many operating systems, getting a custom map easily and worldwide coverage.