Which editor to save maps from Google-Maps for editing OSM offline?

Hey there,

I draw my Streets exactly over Google-Maps but this way I need to download the maps from Google every time again.

So, which editor to save maps from Google-Maps for editing OSM offline?

This way one would not need to download the Google Maps for underlaying with OSM every time again.

Best regards

You are not allowed to copy from Google’s maps or imagery when creating data for OSM.

The only mainstream online map service that has allowed OSM to use their aerial imagery is Microsoft’s Bing.

Unfortunately, their license does not permit offline storage either. The JOSM editor will still cache a limited amount of imagery. It is also well suited for offline editing in general and provides easy access to a catalogue of background image sources that are legally acceptable for mapping.

Ok thank you.

Where in Bing can I change the size of the maps that can be stored, please?

Could you tell us which of your edits at http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/8Eight8/edits were copied from Google Maps? I’m afraid we’ll have to remove them.

In addition, if you can point to any source or program that gave you the impression that it was ok to copy from Google, we can try and fix that.


If Jens is not telling us about his Google derived edits, do we have to consider reverting ALL his edits?

Or sending him a message via OSM Mail system?