Which cities have more complete building level/height information

I am currently trying to get some data on the building and their levels in different cities. I realise in most cities the building:levels/height field is missing for most buildings. For now, some cities that I have found to be quite complete including NYC, Milan and Paris. Is there other places that has complete building level info? Thanks

Urban Analytics Lab at the National University of Singapore (https://ual.sg/) is active in this space.

Assessing global OpenStreetMap building completeness to generate large-scale 3D city models (https://ual.sg/publication/2020-sotm-3-d/); might be of interest to you.

Exploration of open data in Southeast Asia to generate 3D building models (https://ual.sg/publication/2020-3-dgeoinfo-3-d-asean/) and
Assessing the quality of OpenStreetMap building data in Singapore (https://ual.sg/publication/2020-osm-sg-building-quality/) are region specific.

Open Government Building Data (https://ual.sg/project/ogbd/) is an ongoing project with a focus on, as the title suggests: publicly funded Open Data.

Thank youso much! I am actually from the National University of Singapore and I did not know about this lab at all!

You are welcome.