Where to Start on a project due in three days

Hi All,

I am here seeking step by step guidance on developing on openstreetmap web page that will have markers for all our company locations around Africa. I would like to have a feature where when a user clicks or moves a mouse on the marker to show the whole info regarding that location, that is GPS coordinates, contact person, contact cell number, contact email address and an image of that contact person.

I can say I am beginner to javascript and I understand concepts such as functions, loops and objects.

Where can I start on this project. The project is due in three days from now.

Thank you in advance for giving a guidance to my goal.

Thank you


on http://wiki.openstreetmap.org , search for openlayers, leafletjs, Deploying_your_own_Slippy_Map, Applications_of_OpenStreetMap, uMap

see also the examples about leafletjs and openlayers on their original website.

also try http://geojson.io … and http://help.osm.org

ALternatively, you can use umap:


You can import your data on various formats and use it externaly on your web site through iframe export.