Where to find the rules for the checks?


where do I find the rules in readable plain text which are referenced like this: resource://data/validator/unnecessary.mapcss in the JOSM configuration?

Stefan aka nordie69

I fond it recently by accident. Select the JOSM file “josm-tested.jar” (not the exe version) downloaded from https://josm.openstreetmap.de/ and extract it (7-zip / WinRAR…) and you will find those files in "\josm-tested\data\validator" directory. You can edit those files in notepad or any word processor. I just don’t know how to “pack” it again those extracted files to .jar format.

If you need better detail and how-to for this topic, I recommend to ask on the JOSM-developer mailinglist.

Thanks guys, I will check that! Stefan

You can also find them here: