Where is the documentation for 'old style' bus route relations?

The bus routes in my area all seem to be of the “pre-PTv2” style. I’m finding that OsmAnd’s interpretation of these is not as expected. I would like to tidy them up according to the original schema and see if that fixes the issue, but this time around I can’t seem to find the docs in the wiki.

Specifically the issues seem to relate to the roles stop:forward and stop:backward present on the relevant highway=bus_stop members.

Does anyone know where the original docs are preserved? The relevant wiki pages seem to be pushing hard for an “upgrade” to PTv2 and that seems way overkill in this case.

If you mean backward:stop and forward:stop they seem to still be on Relation:route - OpenStreetMap Wiki as they were back in 2009 before PTv2 was approved some time in 2010.

Yep, those are the ones, should have copy-pasted rather than rely on my terrible memory.

The 2009 version of that page says the direction relates to the direction of the adjacent way so I’ll have a look with that in mind.