Where is pinned message accessed?

From where is pinned messaged accessed?

From the respective category in which it is pinned.

I’m guessing this is about this message:

It is pinned at the top of Help and Support for a couple of weeks. We can review whether it needs to stay there for longer based on what happens in those two weeks.

There is a pined message in “This forum issues…”, but I don’t see any references there to pinned messages.

If you mean this message then what @mcliquid said is entirely correct - “From the respective category in which it is pinned”.

If you browse to https://community.openstreetmap.org/t/about-the-this-forum-issues-and-requests-category/271 you’ll see it at the top. If you have already read it, it will show as “already read” in grey. If you click on it, you will be positioned below the close message (because you have already read it).

Maybe I’m misunderstand something or my GUI is configured different way then yours.
If click on the “This forum issues and…” in the left menu, I got following display. I can’t see any pinned messages there.

Pinned messages probably do not show up if you have visited them already. E.g. you are probably searching for this one: About the 🐞 This forum issues and requests category ?

It does not show up in the list at 🐞 This forum issues and requests - OpenStreetMap Community Forum if you have the “Latest” button (top right) highlighted and have visited the pinned topic before.

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Yes, this. If you scroll to the bottom of a pinned post, it will be changed to “unpinned”. This can be changed in both user and admin site-wide settings. Or you can search for pinned posts afterwards.
Automatic unpin-ability or effectively making them stickied at top is an open request Pinned Topic -- How Do We Always Keep it Pinned? - feature - Discourse Meta