Where get the link to use the OSM Mapnik 2008 titles?

Hi everyone,

I’ve seen on 🗺 BBBike Map Compare 🛰 few interesting map titles.

But I don’t see how can I, for example, use the Titles Mapnik 2008 ? I see no where the links :confused: to use in my frontend map library.

Any ideas ?


That 2008 snapshot in time is a rendering project by @Zverik. (Tiles are from tile.osmz.ru/old/… )You should ask him if you may use the tiles in your library.

You can browse the map at OpenStreetMap 2008 and look into the source code to copy the tile url :slight_smile: The tile server is a bit slow, but there are very few visitors, so should be okay.


Thank you very much !

@Zverik , I’ve tried OpenStreetMap 2008 is it normal that start starting zoom12 nothing appear ?

The 2008 stand for color that were applied by OSM at that time, or it’s everything ? road etc… ?


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