Where does Open Cycle Maps get feeds from?

Hi all, this is my first post.

I was impressed by the Open cycle maps project (http://www.opencyclemap.org/) and I was wondering where how the tile are generated?

Does it use the same OSM data as everything else, it just rendered to show the cycle routes? Or does it use its own data on top of a OSM map?

I was wodering because I extraced a XML feed of the OSM data for a smallish area of London. I could not find a tag that said if a road was a cycle route or not.

I ask because I really wanted to make an smartphone application to highlight the cycle routes over a map.

Any help would be much appreciated.



I think i have found the answers here:


Dose anyone know if an application to highlight cycle paths exists for smart phones?

I cannot telle you a specific app for this purpose, but dependeing on your smartphone’s operating system, have a look at http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Software and try each freely available app or read the feautre list of the commercial ones.

Also try http://www.cyclestreets.net/


I am too new here and pretty impressed by this. And also excited to see the links you have provided. But still need to explore it fully to understand it. Hope I will get it soon else will come back to you people.

I found some feeds from a OSM web source…

I ran three queries for cycle paths in london:


One gets all ways marked as local cycle paths, one for national, and the finial get all tages for anything marked as a cycleway

I then overlaid it onto a view and here was my results compared to the OpenCyclePath:

As you can see I am missing some paths!

Does anyone know

  1. Are there any tages I have missed from my 3 queries?
  2. Should I use a different data source other than open.mapquestapi.com
  3. Why else might I be missing some paths?


At the very least you are not picking up route relations with route=bicycle. The NCN 4 and the local cycle route along Cornwall Road are examples of these http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/2696.

BTW its a lot more useful to see the predicate that you send to jxapi than having a link to it. I have no desire to download the data.

@SK53 Thanks for this. I will add route=bicycle and see what I get.

I didn’t relise it would crop my links. The predicates are:


At the moment I am querying just ways, should I be querying relations too?

My server request keeps failing…

Does anyone know a API that works and can handle relation queries?

Im currently trying this one:


You may find it a lot easier to grab a GB, England or London download from geofabrik & use osmosis to filter the data.

OCM is built on Postgres & Mapnik, the garmin versions with mkgmap: so it has all data available and appearance is in down to the rules rather than some selected sub-set of the data.

I guess that it will be necessary to query cycleway relations too – including their subrelations, their ways and the nodes of these ways.

You may filter the file (e.g. great_britain.osm.pbf from http://download.geofabrik.de/osm/europe/)) with Osmosis (standard tool) or o5mfilter. Example:

osmconvert great_britain.osm.pbf --out-o5m >gb.o5m
o5mfilter gb.o5m --keep="cycleway=lane =track =opposite_lane =opposite_track =opposite =segregated lcn_ref= ncn_ref=" >gb_cycle.osm

Should be done in about 3 minutes.

EDIT: Just tried it. => 81s + 51s = 2 min 20 sec :slight_smile:

Thank for the replies!

Apologies for the noobie-ness, but I cant get either osmosis or o5mfilter working…

Iv got a Mac and I cant seam to get the commands working.

I changed osmosis to an executable and tried to run it from the terminal with various commands, but nothing worked. Same for o5mfilter.

Can someone please help me out?


Osmosis is a java program run with java JAVAOPTS osmosis OSMOSISOPTS.

I have got OSMOSIS working and so far I have cropped England to London:

Now I have seen some of the cycle relations in the file and they look great! There are even some cycle super highways in there. So I need a way to filter on relations and ways.

In the wiki it states:

“Extract only those ways that have certain tags. Specifying --used-node only extracts those nodes that are used in the filtered ways. Relations stay untouched.

Dose that mean I can not filter relations?
Should I be asking this in another forum?
Would it be best to write my own parser because what I want is too bespoke?

To clarify, I require:

  • All ways with cycle related tags
  • All relations with cycle related tags
  • All ways belonging to the relations with cycle related tags.
  • All nodes beloning to the ways described above.

EDIT: This was just a case of RTFM. I have found the answer now.

I am having trouble with a merge command in OSMOSIS. I though I would start a new post:


Hi everybody – new here.

To the OP – yes there are a few apps that can be used for viewing cycle routes. I know of two for Android. OSMAND has many source options one of which is OpenCycleMap.
Another one, which claims to only work in UK but actually also works in Denmark, is Bike Hub. The last one unfortunately seems not to well programmed and can be laggy and slow, but it does provide routing with different bike-centric preferences (Balanced, Fastest, Quitest and Shortest).
Both of these download tiles on the fly (though OSMAND can render from offline data, you have no controll over how the maps are rendered).