Where can I find mkgmap -> MapSource Installer that transfers routing?

I’d like to load a mixture of commercial routable maps, transparent homemade topo maps, and transparent routable trail maps to my 60csx.

Sendmap 2.0 will send the routable trail maps and topos to my 60csx, but won’t send the routing characteristics of the commercial maps. I’ve used the unlock key because if I don’t enter the unlock key into Sendmap the gps won’t unlock any maps and shuts down.

Using cgpsmapper I can create an IMG and TDB so that MapSource 6.15.4 will send everything, but MapSource loses the routing data from the mkgmap compiled maps.

Is there an installer I can use that will let MapSource transfer mkgmap routing data to my gps?


Mapsource installs maps from openmtbmap.org with routing. They are made with mkgmap so it seems to be possible. Ask the author how he makes it to work.

Thanks for the tip.

If you generate a map using http://garmin.na1400.info then you will find a NSIS installer instruction file in the download location. That file is used to generate the MapSource installer.

Thanks, Lambertus.

I installed both the Normal and the Cyclemap Windows installer versions from your site. Nice maps. In the NL-Normal directory, along with the IMGs I find a link to your web page and a 47KB executable called uninst.exe. When I open that in a text editor, I don’t see anything legible.

I don’t see anything that looks like a script with instructions. Am I missing something? I’m running Windows XP and there are no hidden files in the directory.

Thanks again.

Oh I’m sorry I have pointed you in a slightly wrong direction. It is the http://garmin.na1400.info/routable.php page that builds maps for you and offers the NSIS installer script file for download. Sorry for the confusion…

Thanks again.