When will my edits become visible

Back in April, I’ve targetted a railway. But even now, my edits are still not visible in normal mode (only in edit mode). Moreover, it seems like many information disappeared: I can not see the name of the railway anymore, as well as the names and locations of the stations.

Feeling diappointed :(:(:frowning:

If it was back in april that you made the edits, then you must have done something wrong, becuase all edits from then and well after are visible.
If you can’t see your edits, where have the railway names and stations disapeared from? If you just mean the data, then I asume you have been tagging segments rather than ways.

I’d suggest you check out the beginners section on the wiki, or post a link to the area you are refering to.

I’m having the same problem, I work within Potlatch and make changes and nothing seems to appear in the normal map days later.
How often does it update ???
What an I doing wrong ???


The normal map is updated once a week (after the weekly database dump on wednesday). Check out the Tiles @ Home map if you want to see your edits ‘instantly’.

Zoom in to level 12 and click on the map to request a re-render of that area. You will be able to see the changes after 10 minutes to a few hours (depending on how busy the site is).