When searching for boundary polygon coordinates waipahu city in hawaii USA

Please fix this issue, it is happening for multiple cities in Hawaii
ewa gentry and waipahu
I am not getting polygon coordinates but only pin locations.

Hawaii does not have city boundaries, that’s why you’re not seeing them. Boundaries for Census-designated Places (CDPs) and/or place boundaries exist in Hawaii as a proxy.

Brian is correct to state that Hawaii is unique among the 50 states in that there is a dearth of “municipal governments:” only one named Honolulu. CDPs aren’t really a “proxy” for municipal governments, they are a Census Bureau-created “fiction” (a statistical boundary imagined and conjured / created out of thin air by the Census Bureau).

From our https://wiki.osm.org/wiki/United_States_admin_level (footnote 16):

Unique to Hawaii is the lack of municipal governments. All local governments are generally administered at the county level. The only incorporated area in the state is Honolulu County, a consolidated city–county that governs the entire island of Oahu. Entities resembling local government are in fact special-purpose districts. This means all government administration is at state (4) and county (6) levels.

So, in Hawaii, the only OSM data you will find like “this” are (multi)polygons tagged with boundary=census denoting CDPs. What many think of as towns, villages and hamlets in Hawaii are best tagged with a place=* node with these values, not a polygon (closed way). Somewhat-similar entities may also be a polygon tagged boundary=census, but that is not the same thing.

Yes, this can be confusing. What it comes down to is that OSM prefers to tag “what is” (and we do our best to reach consensus and denote this in our wiki, like the one linked above), while the Census Bureau data are “allowed” into OSM, but only when we tag these data with “something different,” to prevent them from being confused with a “real” municipal boundary (such as an incorporated city or city-county, like Honolulu-Oahu is).

I’ll correct myself by saying that Brian is also correct that CDPs can and do exist as proxies for certain things under certain circumstances. We are in a more subtle realm as we acknowledge this.

I think tagging nodes with place=* as our wiki denotes is a good continuing strategy. If / as Hawaii adds CDP data to our map (we might, we might not) we aim to strike to a certain balance as we do so.

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As of today, 116 CDPs appear to be mapped in Hawaii.

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And within 20 minutes of your post, there are 88


contrasted with 116


as well as 24 towns, 111 hamlets and 9 isolated_dwellings.

Call it “dozens each” or “about a hundred” of these and those and “keep an eye on the balance” (of what is meant, of what is “used” downstream, of how new data enter…). Edit: a nice set to get one’s head around.

I think we’re fine, I think people do better understand what we say, especially as we clearly state things.