When multiple sources give different names, which source should be prioritised?

There is a set of streets in the area I normally edit, some for pedestrians, some for cars, that have conflicting sources for the names. There are at least 5 different possible names, coming from the following sources:

  • Historical maps
  • Official goverment map (Not always correct on names but it is the official source for addresses and postcodes. This source also gives some streets 2 names, one for the street and one for the building addresses)
  • Street signs
  • Local custom

I would like to know which name should take priority, or how these various conflicting sources should be mapped. I have checked some similar posts and didn’t find a conclusive answer. I am quite an amateur mapper and just enjoy making the map of my local area more accurate in my free time. Hope this is the right place to ask for assistance.

You should map the street signs, because OSM is based on the “on the ground” rule. Also, local customary names should go in loc_name or alt_name.

In addition to what ZeLonewolf said, I would use official_name for the name that’s used in government documents where it differs from the name on street signs.