When are edits implemented in e.g. the app?

I have made edits online in a browser, but the edits are not yet visible in the OsmAnd app for iPhone. I have tried seraching but not been able to find any info om when/how often edits and updates “are implemented”.
Thanks in advance.

Hello IBDJ,

Most data consumers (like OsmAnd and OrganicMaps) update about once a month. However, data consumers that do not rely as much on how up to date the data might update much less frequent.

Does this answer your question?


OsmAnd has a feature called OsmAnd live. It allows hourly map updates.

OsmAnd live requires a subscription but is also available for free for active OSM mappers.


@Tjuro Thank you so much. That is xactly what I was wondering about.


@scai Thank you so much for this tip. Really awesome. I do qualify as a mapper, so that is awesome. Has not updated yet, though, but maybe takes some time when first registering. Thanks again.

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You need to enable live updates for each map individually. At least on Android, can’t comment on the iOS app.

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Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like, in case it helps. This is from Download Maps → Updates → Live Updates.


Hi @alan_gr Thanks, this is a really useful tip, but I have been looking around different settings and I really can’t find any settings that looks like this. Could you provide an other level of the navigation? Thank you so much in advance.

I’ve gone in & looked at OSMAnd:

Plugins > OSM Editing, which shows “On”

Settings has my Account name; Offline Editing “Enabled”; but
Map updates for mappers: Unavailable ?

& when I go to Download Maps > Updates, there is no Live Updates option shown?

Is there some step that I’m missing here?

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Tap on it, then tap on refresh.

If this doesn’t work then please show a screenshot of the screen behind “Map updates for mappers”.


You do need to “force” some things by refreshing as @scai says. OsmAnd has so many options that it is easy to miss a step. I wonder if more mappers would use the live update option if it was easier to see how to get it working

A couple more screenshots that might help:


Thanks, both - that fixed it! :grinning:

Following on to the next question - are the updates automatic, or do you still have to manually download them?

Hi @alan_gr @scai Thanks you guys, for help on this. It is still the Download maps > Updates I have trouble finding. It is definitely not in the settings menu of the OpenStreetMaps Editing.
I have included a screenshot.
Available untill… is not a botton, nothing happen when I click here.

OsmAnd already enabled access to live updates for you, until September 16th.

Now you need to enable live updates on a per-map basis. Maps | OsmAnd explains how to do this.

For Android:

Menu → Download maps → Updates → Live updates

For iOS:

Menu → Maps & Resources → [object Object] → [object Object]

Live updates are performed automatically. When enabling live updates for a specific map you can configure the update frequency.

Do you have 3 tabs under Download Maps, as shown below?

I can’t find the menu at all. I can’t find the Map menu you have screen shottet here. Is it still in the OpenStreetMap Editing?

Success! I thought I had been in all menus! :sweat_smile: But finally found it.

I have to say that however much I enjoy osm in a browser and generally using the app as well, I don’t find it very intuitive.

I don’t know the iOS version, but I guess that on the last screenshot the map “Greenland” still has to be activated separately. There should also be an option for immediate manual update. After that “Last map change” (also on the last screenshot) should change to a time which is usually not older than 1 hour. The last screenshot seems to show that no Live updates have been downloaded for Greenland yet (the date is too old, Jul 31, 2023 22:00).