What's the MUTCD code for "Except Bikes"?

I have an “Except Bikes” (using the bike symbol) traffic sign near me (in the USA), that I’d like to map. But I can’t figure out what the MUTCD code for it is.

On the wiki ( MUTCD/R - OpenStreetMap Wiki ) there’s a line for “Except Bicycles” that says the code is R3-7bP – but the image is broken, and it has a note linking to List of Approved Requests for Interim Approval - FHWA MUTCD which seems to be about “Bicycle Boxes” which isn’t (I think) what this sign is about.

The image doesn’t seem to have ever been uploaded, either to the wiki or Wikimedia Commons. Looking online, I found mention of code R5-xxP (talked about in https://downloads.regulations.gov/FHWA-2020-0001-2538/attachment_1.pdf ) but it’s unclear if that’s right, either.

I’d love some comments from people more skilled in this area.

The sign’s defined in the attachments to Interim Approval IA-18 although with a word message instead of the bicycle symbol. The latter was suggested by NCUTCD in their comments on the 2020 MUTCD docket (aka the sheet you linked mentioning a R5-xxP code) but has not yet been formally adopted by FHWA as an Interim Approval from what I’ve seen. I’d code it as a R3-7bP sign for now, perhaps with a fixme to update it when the next MUTCD edition is published.


Indeed, the MUTCD pages have scores of placeholder links to images that still need to be created and uploaded to Wikimedia Commons. If you’re able to help, WikiProject U.S. Roads maintains a page with resources for drawing route shields that I’ve also found useful for drawing other kinds of sign diagrams.

The full text of IA-18 has details about the new signs that are approved on an interim basis, including R3-7bP. The plaque goes under sign R10-6a, to inform motorists about the recessed stop line for cars that precedes the bike box:

If the “Except Bicycles” sign is being used for this purpose, go ahead and tag traffic_sign=US:R3-7bP. For the MUTCD’s forthcoming 11th edition, the FHWA has proposed to broaden the use of this sign for any bike exception to a regulatory sign and introduce a corresponding warning sign as W16-20P. The proposed change to the MUTCD doesn’t mention whether it would have plain text as in IA-18 or feature a bicycle pictogram.

In general, if you encounter a generic regulatory sign that has no standard code, you could tag it as something like traffic_sign=regulatory except=unicycle.

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