Whats the best way to mark bomb shelters?

Could it be under “shelter type”?


No, it is not for resting when you are taking a walk. shelter_type=nuclear there is misleading, and it only has 2 instances.

There is 458 bunker_type=bomb_shelter, that could be used with building=bunker. If it will still be used, adding emergency:amenity=social_facility + emergency:social_facility=shelter is possible.

The building actively maintaned as a bomb shelter as required by authorities but is also working as hall for small events and belongs to the hotel xomplex, so i’ve previously used building=hotel.
Which one is better =bunker or =hotel? Since they both compete for the same tag.

It’s built as a bunker, so building=bunker. =hotel means it is built for accomodation. This should be building:use=commercial for hosting events.