whats new on OSM?

would it be possible to have a sticky for any interest threads from the mailing list or new features etc…
eg JOSM or Potlatch upgrades …?
or is there another blog with whats new or news etc…

What about trac? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah there is a lack of info about news and new features in Openstreetmap. I some very low traffic blogs I read:

http://slashgeo.org/ (very seldom)

http://blogs.openstreetmap.org/ is worth reading, though the signal-to-noise ratio for news obviously isn’t ideal.

If someone could publish some significant milestones monthly that would be useful even it it was just a link, I think this would make more people of aware of new features .

There’s a signal?

Going to be lots of work doing that… :slight_smile: But it would be very beneficial that’s true.

Haha :smiley:

Well, the only posting there seems to be SteveC and he’s not posting much…

What? blogs.openstreetmap.org != opengeodata.org

Oeps, excuse me. My bad.

Having read some posts on http://blogs.openstreetmap.org today I have to say it is pretty good actually, but reading it you understand the problem. I think Openstreetmap should have an animated golden cross for cathedrals marked with coolness_level=10 and above.

Problem is what does mtrax want, just general news or musing about openstreetmap as the golden cross post above, or technical developments?


One of the nice things about OSM is that technical developments do generally come from out of the community - like the wonderful ‘Zoom zoom zoom’ slippy map that just appeared. You’ll get a better idea of what’s really going on by following blogs.osm than you would just from a few headlines.

My main problem with the blogs is that the signal to noise ratio is way too low. All those people writing they mapped city block so-and-so or went out the door and cycled a bit, that’s so not interesting to me. Not to speak about the many foreign languages. If there is a (blog) site where everyone can post actual news like developments, tricks, mapping parties and what not and sorting those items using tags and RSS feeds would make it much more interesting to me.

Yes that is my problem too.

I think I’ve posted twice on blogs.osm, are there people who document their mapmaking regularly or is it just one off occurrences.

the zoom zoom map I think.