What width=0 can mean here?

Node: 554533381 | OpenStreetMap has some suspicious tagging.

I tried to contact person who mapped it and local mappers but has not went well (see Changeset: 142886665 | OpenStreetMap Note: 3994430 | OpenStreetMap )

Maybe someone who speak German can try to reach out to them and check what they intended to tag here?

I would be thankful for help.

ups, now we have a triple posting there, but I hope the user will responde now in german :slight_smile:
I can translate both ways if he will answer in german.


DE: Ich habe den Hinweis grade wieder aufgemacht und einen Kommentar mit der ursprünglich gestellten Frage auf Deutsch hinterlassen.

EN: I just reopened the note with a comment translating the question to German.


the mapper is notoriously known for refusing to read anything non german and getting very impolite and insulting (to be nice) when pointed to any Documentation not being German. He typically responds with nationalisms that he has a right to communicate in german etc etc

For anyone interested just go through his public communiction in the changesets or notes. He is nearby where i map and i stopped interacting with him.

The mapper has been subject of DWG interaction in the past


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@Mateusz_Konieczny What was meant was that no vehicle can pass there because there is a bollard in the middle.
Translated original: There is a red / white bollard about one meter high in the middle of the path so that no motor vehicles can pass through. Only pedestrians and cyclists can use the path.

They seem to claim (if autotranslate worked) that bollard has width of 0.

What seems suspect, unless they started to make bollards out of nanofilaments.

Or pointless if that expresses that bollard is less than 0,5m wide.

well, I am not too bothered by that (and not going to report them to DWG as it is hard to judge tone/context from autotranslate).

Either way they hopefully will now start to communicate.

.o0(must … resist … the urge … to paste … Terry Pratchet quote about the use of multiple exclamation marks on that changeset or note discussion :wink:

Out of the Changeset/Note discussion: The bollard has a width of 10cm, but it was not possible to add the value in iD correctly, therefore “0” was set. I guess width=0.1 would be correct.

Hi Mateusz,
the initial issue might have been the Decimal separator (Dezimaltrennzeichen).
I guess iD expects a dot, while in Germany (and lots of other non English speaking countries) a comma is used instead.
How does iD handle the situation if someone enters “0,1” instead of “0.1” to express a 10cm value?

iD bug, reported as `width=0,1` saved as `width=1` · Issue #10018 · openstreetmap/iD · GitHub

tried to find duplicates but maybe I missed something?

Peek 2023-12-03 20-03

I cannot reproduce this bug. If I enter 0,1 into the box for width or height, ID creates the tag width=0.1 and height=0.1, so that appears to work fine.

That said, i don’t understand why Der Wilderer claims he could not enter “0.1” as width, using “0” instead (which does not make much sense anyhow).

are you using Firefox? Either way commenting on Github would be useful.

Maybe it is depending on locale?

Yes I’m using Firefox and the german version of ID whereas you used the english version. That’s probably the difference cause the comma as separator is not used in english numbering.