What tool to work on tags in bulk?

With JOSM I can select a bunch of ways and have it tell certain tag information like “7 , 41,241 unset”.

How can I see what those 7 values are and a count of the objects with each value applied?

For example, select an area and count the number of ways by highway type.

It’d be great if it was a tool that could read the tagging and give the same information for KML files too.


You could start with taginfo and Overpass Turbo. If I search for “highway=footway” I get a query like https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/Upe . You can move the map to wherever you want and also use combinations, like https://overpass-turbo.eu/s/Upf . Edit the query to look for what you want, where you want.

In JOSM, double-click the “7 , 41,241 unset” to bring up the editor dialog.
Click the down-arrow beside “Value: ”

Result: the drop-down shows existing values with the count of each.

Hit Cancel unless you actually intend to change something.

Winner winner chicken dinner! Awesome. Thanks. So simple. I never clicked on that down arrow because I didn’t want to change the values.

While I don’t get get to see it all output in a single report for all tags, at least I can get it tag by tag. That helps a lot.