What to do with a very horrible way?

Hi all,

thanks of my excursions, I’ve made several changes along Dragonja valley.

I’ve noticed there is an old way [1] following the river instead of existing paths. I think it was wrong from the beginning. It is terrible and very confusing because both paths and fords are not real and people are forced to follow different ways. There are several modifications (mine included) on the way but the situation is still very confusing. I think we should make a definitive intervention.

I don’t like to delete the work of other people but I think we should remove the way and rework the area paying attention to keep what is currently on the ground.

What do you think about?



According to history log I have touched that path when I was visiting the Pasjak waterfall, and I can only agree the path is mostly a wishful Bear Grylls wilderness survival path - at least in the area I visited, and according to imagery and LIDAR probaby elsewhere. It seems there is a better alternative path more or less close to the river along most of the indicated section of the river. Hard to give a definite answer. The ultimate truth is a situation on the ground. At least on the sections you visited recently I think it is quite reasonable to just delete the impassable/virtual track, and I wouldn’t mind if you delete it entirely. You may wish to give a link to this thread in the change log of a deletion.

Dragonja paths updated according your suggestion. Now it should be OK.

I hiked in this valley and I must say there were a lot of paths there that were going all over the place and the GPS was not working at all on the phone. I must say we were a bit under prepared but nothing serious since you can just go south and you’ll reach the road at any point. Though the hills are steep and hard shrubbery at some parts so it’s not passable all the time. At some point the paths did not make much sense and I tried to track a gpx which in the end was a tad innacurate. Some day I could plan to go back but unsure how to prepare better. At some point we gave up to go to the marked destination and just went south.

We were trying to get to here: https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?whereami=1&query=45.47726%2C13.83480#map=17/45.47726/13.83480

Basically starting from Žrnjovec, going down and then east to find the water mill on the map.

I never hiked from Žrnjovec but I’ve done the path from Mazurinov Mlin from east to west toward Boršt a couple of times during the spring. As the pathes are not marked there are several possible ways to follow and without a good GPS and a map it’s easy to get lost. But I must admit this is not the worst place.

When I plan an excursion on not marked ways I try to help me with public GPXs or Strava Heatmap.
Here an example of the area overlapping OSM and Strava Heatmap.

Obviously paths can changes and any update can be logged on OSM. That’s why I strongly suggest to load recorded GPX to share the experience with other users.


We went camping with friends to about the same place. It’s really easy to get lost there. You have to be careful and watch out for each other.