What to do before importing municipal data

My city (Providence RI) has a good building footprint shapefile. I am a frequent ArcMap user, and have found it to be pretty accurate. I’ve started learning JOSM, and would love to import building footprints from the municipal shapefile rather than tracing every one manually. I understand that importing is frowned upon, but this seems like a pretty reasonable case: the features are surveyable, they don’t change that frequently, I believe the data source can be trusted, and am taking care to correct tags and remove any outdated features I am aware of.

There does not seem to be an active OSM community in my area. What steps do I need to take before hitting Upload?



welcome to the forum. Please read and understand, before you import, the Wiki page https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import .


Georg V. (user_5359)