What to do about a deletion?

A few years ago, using a GPS, I mapped parts of, and created a hiking trail in Bosnia.
Last week someone, in a changeset 146978796, deleted an important section of this trail.

I have sent a direct message and left a comment on the changeset but, so far, without response.

As for the trail - it is a marked hiking trail, maintained by a local hiking club. I also know people who have used this path in more recent years. It is a well-known trail, which is also published on local hiking sites (i.e. this).

I also contacted the local community (BiH) on a Telegram channel but there are very few active members and, other than the recommendation to contact the author, there was no other activity so far.

Unfortunately, I am not close by to inspect the route myself. Having someone else to inspect it will also take time.

My question is - what to do about this and such issues in general?

looking at the changeset in question, the mapper has deleted one hiking trail and several bicycle only trails, all of which have been edited by several mappers in the past, with the comment “remove routes which don’t exist”. In particular this one had been updated just a few months ago: Way History: 589078133 | OpenStreetMap
The mapper only has 21 edits, so they are likely not experienced.

Visual history of the deletion changeset: Changeset Map

generally the mapper who deleted the section should reply and explain why they deleted it. If they don’t respond you can escalate to the DWG, so they can “force” them to reply (or block them). If you find out the deletion was in error, you should undelete the object(s).

A photo of an info panel: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Routes like this don’t simply disappear.