What should i tag this waterway?


Looks canalised or big drain with a concrete like walling, The before and after would tell a lot such as flow direction and what to class this as more precisely.

that is not a big drain, compare the waterway to the grass next to it, grass flipped sideways is wider than the waterway.

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From my point of view it looks like a ditch or drain (Key:waterway - OpenStreetMap Wiki).

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Just post a bigger picture, not this hazy stuff. The drain could be 2-3 meters deep, we have them here, displacing large amounts of water during storm rain or when reservoirs need refilling.

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Agreed, but it could as well be a small irrigation channel oder a millstream (feeding a water mill) so from that pic no way to determine what it really is imho.

the drain is like 10-20 centimeters deep

I work on the theory that if a “small” channel is lined with concrete, rock or similar, it’s a drain; while if it’s bare dirt, it’s a ditch.

As they get bigger, they would then become a canal or a stream / river.

According to the wiki the criterion to distinguish between a ditch/drain and a canal is not the size of the waterway but the use. Ditch as well as drain carry superflous or discharge water whereas a canal is made for useful water (irrigation, waterpower, shipping), independent of its size.

I would tag it with waterway=ditch