What should I put for key, value, and tagging on this proposal?

I’m hoping someone can help me put the final touches on this proposal, at the top there’s the proposal template with the editable popup. I’m not very clear what I should put under the key (database key), value (database value), and tagging (database tag or database tags) fields.

Also if anyone has any other feedback on the proposal I’m all ears as well. Would love to get any necessary feedback/changes out of the way earlier rather than later.

Link to the proposal as unformatted text if it’s easier for anyone: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposal:Additional_Food_Shelf_Tags

You have to use |tagging= to list them all. |key= and |value= only accepts one.

Not filling infobox with this values is also fine, “Additional tags for social_facility=food_bank” seems quite good to me.