What should I do??Using Ubuntu14.04-desktop to import OSM planet data

I install the Ubuntu 14.04LTS (desktop version)on my server(RAM:20GB CPU:Xeon E5420 HDD:1TB) ,I try to import the planet data(38.1GB .bz2)by using osm2pgsql to the PostgreSQL. I had configured the postgresql.conf like this:

maintenance_work_mem = 4GB
checkpoint_segments = 20
autovacuum = off

and the shell command llike this: osm2pgsql -dosmgis -s -S"./default.style" -C16384 -Uwww-data -W -Hlocalhost -v /home/cacsm/planet-140625.osm.bz2

then I thought the speed of import may be accelerated a lot, but the fact is “Node :88k/s Way: 0.88k/s”.I’m so sad about this …

So,can anyone give me some tips or to tell me what’s wrong with it…

Thank you so much !!!

via help.osm.org I found https://help.openstreetmap.org/questions/11687/osm2pgsql-performance-evaluation

and there is a link to the OSM wiki about http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Osm2pgsql/benchmarks

Can this help you in any way?

Thank you so much stephan75! The second link let me konw another good forum! I hope I can find my answer…