What kind of lane is this?

What is this weird middle lane an how do you tag it?


My impression: In the past there where 2 lane and bicycle lanes… For security It is forbidden for bicycle… and bicycle lanes gone…
They highway became to width and of high speeds, they narrowed de highway.
With one full line was not enough so they made a area between two full line, so the lane gets smaller you can not overtaken without touching the full line.

  • exemple

  • highway with 3 lanes

  • “lanes:backward”=“1”

  • “lanes:both_ways”=“1”

  • “lanes:forward”=“1”

  • access:lanes:yes|no|yes the middle lanes is forbidden.

  • you could add

  • “change:lanes:backward”=“no”

  • “change:lanes:forward”=“no”

Yes, agreed - this is just a “placeholder”. On trunk roads in Holland you’ll often see similar things, though they generally paint the bit between the two full lines in green.

You should not see this as a lane, this is just a large center divider.
Green lines between a double center divider in the Netherlands is a (IMHO silly) way to indicate motorway status with 100 km/h speed limit.