What is this object called in English?

A question for English native speakers or people who live in English-speaking countries:
If there are such objects for parcels in your country, what are they called?

parcel box?
parcel boxes?
parcel delivery locker?
parcel locker?
parcel lockers?
parcel machine?
parcel pickup station?

Hi, I and everyone I know call them Parcel Lockers because they are a bank of locked containers so amenity=parcel_locker. There is currently a vote underway on a proposal to tag them as amenity=parcel machine, but are they really machinery, there’s no machinery involved. Anyway please see:- https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/amenity%3Dparcel_machine#Voting

I suggested =parcel_machine and =parcel_terminal to OP who wants them to not be limited to lockers, plus asking to sub-tag its locker structure and secondary locker function. They are listed as synonyms in the proposals. Vending boxes come in many forms too, yet all of them are =vending_machine. “Machine” is not limited to industrial machinery. The electronic control and electromagnetic (perhaps even electromechanical) lock mechanism are quite “mechanical” already.

If vending_machine is correct, why is parcel_machine wrong?

Probably for the same reason that in Polish we don’t call it “maszyna do paczek” :wink:

You appear to be expecting logic and consistency from the English language?

Historically vending machines had quite complex mechanical parts to deal with separating out coins and delivering change which I suspect determined the naming.

The Amazon/UPS parcel lockers work in a way very similar to left luggage lockers at railway stations, so no surprise these are called parcel lockers.

Hi, The proposal to describe these things as amenity=parcel machine has been dropped due it seems to some opposition. A new vote is underway on a proposal to describe these things as amenity=parcel_locker.

Please see:- https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/amenity%3Dparcel_locker