What is the purpose of notes #NothingToDoHere?

I’ve spotted recently, notes being closed by ContributionReviewer (which looks like a bot run by Pascal Neis, as its description says), which notes have as text "#NothingToDoHere - Reason: The initial user account has been removed or no longer exists". An example is this. I would assume such text being in comment of another user’s note (which account would have been deleted), and not being the note itself.

I haven’t found anything anywhere about this automated procedure. I would ask Pascal on Twitter, but since he doesn’t seem that active (except recently due to the outage), so I figured I would ask here if anyone else knows.

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This is a bug in the OSM website in which the closing user looks as if they created the note - if the author has deleted their account. It also caught me by surprise in my note import tool :wink:


The issue regarding the notes that are no longer visible from deleted user accounts is documented on GitHub. Please see Error 500 on showing note with no visible comments · Issue #2146 · openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website · GitHub

Additionally, I created an issue regarding the OSM notes dump file. You can find it here: The current OSM Notes dump and the OSM API contain "hidden" Notes · Issue #1014 · openstreetmap/operations · GitHub

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