What is the proper way to map wetlands next to lakes?


I checked the wetlands wiki but it is not clear how to differentiate lakes and wetlands when mapping them.

Here is an example of a lake surrounded by wetlands.

Are the wetlands to be included as part of the lake?
Or, should the lake only include the open water, with a separate area indicating adjoining wetlands? I think this is better but I’ve seen both ways on OSM.

Also, I presume the best way to make a good connection between a lake boundary and an adjoining wetland boundary is to place the nodes on top of one another to create a single, consistent boundary line.


If you have a common boundary, you should share the nodes between the two ways, rather than duplicating them in the same position.

Looks good to me. Like the degree of mapping of wetlands/water/waterways in the area.

The only thing I would say is that if you know what type of wetland: marsh, swamp etc you can add this as a specific wetland tag: although these wetlands may be different from ones in temperate parts of the world, it would be great to have good examples from the tropics.