What is the licensing procedure to use openstreetmap data

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In the wiki i have read that if i have to use the openstreetmap data then i have to request the licence of it from the users contributed the data but im wondering if i have to use the 160gb of openstreetmap data then it would be an imposible task to get the license permittions from all the users contributed it, isnt it? is there any other way for this?

any suggestions on this would be apreciated.

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No, you don’t need to get permission from all the users that contributed to the dataset you are using. As you say that would be an impossible task.

You have to adhere to the OSM license, which means that you must attribute the data as CC-BY-SA 2009 OpenStreetMap and you must share any data you mix with the OSM data.

I am not a lawyer.

Also see the Legal FAQ, which answers this question: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Legal_FAQ#I_would_like_to_use_OpenStreetMap_maps._How_should_I_credit_you.3F

As Alex says, you don’t need permission from all of the contributors, but you should attribute the data to them.
The recommended ways from that FAQ:

Thx Alex and Vclaw for the details.