What is the difference between landuse=civic_admin and landuse=institutional?

I’m currently trying to map a land use area that includes a group of government buildings, but the documentation isn’t very clear on which tag I should use for this situation.

I know these tags aren’t super popular and might not be supported by most rendering and editing tools, but I still feel like they’re a better fit than using landuse=commercial.

If anyone has any insights or advice on this, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for your help!

They are rendered by the officially showcased Tracestrack now. Not that bad.
They are mostly synonymous in practice. Theoretically, =institutional can be interpreted extremely broad (criticized for this reason, but I prefer it). It can cover most facilities and services.
=civic_admin is only “administrative”, for the executive branch. It doesn’t include civic and municipal services for “amenities” and enjoyment, which ironically there is building=civic too aside from landuse=institutional . The judicial branch is likely not included either, and the legislative branch can yet be argued for being different despite being a centerpiece of governments.
I personally imagined =civic_admin can be a more specific variant of =institutional if both are to be used. It is an umbrella term including =religious and =education as well. Something as specific as landuse=prison has been suggested for a group of different =prison levels of security and correctional programme. While medical, or social and community-targeting services don’t have any idea raised now, emergency services has been discussed recently.