What is tag for artificial stream between 2 fountains

What is the best tag for an artificial stream between 2 artificial fountains?

Many years ago, I edited a case of this. 2 example of “amenity=fountain”, with a short stream running between them. At the time, I thought “waterway=brook” was appropriate. brook has since been deprecated. This waterway does have a direction, similar to a stream.
Today, I am reexamining this after a note from another user.
In list of man made waterways, nothing matches. The waterway is not used for irrigation or transportation. Stream seems inappropriate, since it is not natural.
Perhaps some type of amenity is appropriate, but I can’t figure out what to use.
Perhaps “water=” is appropriate, but again, I can’t tell what is the correct value.
Does anyone have suggestions?


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This decorative man made object is quite similar to water=reflecting_pool which is also a artificial water object for decorative purpose.

As in your case the water is not standing but streaming, I would use a ATYL tag like waterway=artificial_stream or waterway=decorative_stream. There will not be thousands of such objects so I think an individual tag should be ok for that one.

Though I can’t speak for this specific object, I believe that in many cases this should be part of the fountain object.

I may get downvoted for this, but if it has been made to look like a natural stream I would tend to just tag it as a stream. If it looks artificial then drain might work as suggested by @Nielkrokodil .

I’d go long with that thought as well.

Maybe invent a new waterway value (waterway=fake_stream? waterway=decoration) and also map natural=water area?

So natural=water water=decoration area and waterway=decoration ?