What is included in a Changeset

I am trying to use the API to download an area and then select out features with a timestamp after a certain date. Ideally I would like the entire way if one of the nodes was modified, but that doesn’t seem to be the results I am getting. What seems to be happening is that single nodes are sometimes in the final results, but not the way they are part of.

I just want to verify what actually makes it into a changeset. If a user moves a certain node for a way, but does not change the ways tags or the number of nodes in that way the timestamp for that way will not reflect the date of the node modifcation? If you have any clarification for what makes it into a changeset that would be greatly appreciated.


Note that a Way only contains references to it’s Nodes. So if you modify a node you don’t need to modify the way (it isn’t even neccessarily known to the editor). So it won’t get changed, so it isn’t in the Changeset. Same goes for relations. So if you want to know which ways (and relations) are affected by a modified node (or way for a relation) you would have to look for it’s parents (which might be not touched in the same Changeset).

Thanks for the response! That clears up my question.