What happened to ITO map 'Electricity distribution'

In earlier times it was available at product.itoworld.com/map/4, now I’m dreadfully missing it. And it’s not only me: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Ito_Map_ideas#Electric_power_networks

Does anyone know why the service was discontinued?

I think people of OSM don’t know any better than you. The only option is to ask ITO themselves. In fact, there’s an e-mail in the header of that website. If you get a response from them, it’d be nice to paste it here.

As a replacement you can try http://www.flosm.de/ … they have theme maps where one theme is about “Power Grids”

Or use https://openinframap.org/.

But currently, there is no map with colors that make the highest voltages easy to distinguish. I think I have to create a map of my own design…


Check my Power Grid demo

Even after 5 minutes of waiting nothing loads. But anyway, it looks promising …

https://get.webgl.org/ - Do you see spinning cube?

Does it support power plants mapped as a relation tagged with type=site + power=plant? (this is the way to map power plants composed of disperse wind generators)