What does this map tag mean?

I have downloaded Openstreetmaps to my GPS and to basecamp from this site:

In Basecamp, when I double click on a way in the map I know to be a footpath, I come up with the following 4 lines of text:

Lwn Lrsr
{ a string indicating the area is a wildlife management area}

What does the top line “Lwn Lrse” mean? When I go into the Openstreetmap editor here:

and query the way directly, there is no such text in the map.

Don’t know. Somebody between OSM and you has translated OSM tags into something else. I’ll take a guess that “Lwn” means local walking network, but I’m not confident about that.

Unfortunately, the second link above shows an entire continent, not the way in question. If you examine the way’s tags - or post a link to just the way* so we can see it - the OSM tags, or membership in any relations, should tell the tale.

(* Click “Query Features”, click the way, select way from list, post that link.)

I think that’s a copy and paste faux pas - that link is just the USA, zoomed out very far.

A search at taginfo https://taginfo.openstreetmap.org/tags/ref=LRSE finds https://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/8819972 . That’s a route that runs over lots of different ways, including footpaths.

“LRSE” is just the reference of the route. “network=lwn” means that it’s a local walking route.