What building type for a car wash?

What building=* tag would be good for a car wash?

Hi, I would say building=commercial and amenity=car_wash. This will show the carwash icon.

amenity=car_wash is the important part here. The value of the building key will make little practical difference and I would personally just use building=yes.

(I consider the building value overrated. If it was a separate key such as building:type=*, people would be much more likely to recognize that it’s just one of many attributes you could add to a building, and not necessarily the most important one. Even adding the number of levels has much more tangible effects for data consumers than the difference between building=yes and building=commercial.)

Discussions about covered= and tunnel=building_passage or indoor=yes
From which you could interpret whether it is a =roof instead. Otherwise, I find =commercial awkward. It’s not really a =service, or =industrial when compared with an inspection and repair workship. Structurally it might be slightly similar to =garages, maybe not the function. (although it is common for a “garage” to be used for other purposes)

Certainly there’s building:use= that can be separated out.

Thanks. I just like to categorize buildings and not leave “building=yes”:). But there is also a task in Street Complete that asks for the type of the building and users sometimes leave notes when they couldn’t specify the type.
I also thought building=commercial fit best here.