What area has the most GPS traces on OpenStreetMap?

I see some places in OSM that have too much GPS traces on one road. The thing that suprised me the most is seeing too much GPS traces from someone’s house. I’ve also see thousands of GPS traces in just a restaurant/cafeteria area. Is this a trick to advertise your business?

it’s more likely someone kept recording traces while sitting there to eat…

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They don’t have privacy lol. And it could be someone recording traces every time they want to going outside. Even checking their backyard house lol.

Better make sure to cut up your traces and remove the beginning and end section for a few miles prior to uploading and tag them as private, I do, and delete them afterwards… source=survey is enough I’d think. Given the hilly and mountainous terrain here, most gps is dubious in positioning anyhow so when doing a new roundabout not (yet) in imagery, I actually do cycle all the feeder ways and roundabout at least 3 times to acquire a median. Works and then when Strava fills up with new heatmap traces, I verify. Sofar always achieved good aligning.

For at least a year or two a while back, some firmware versions for comma.ai self-driving devices were auto-uploading every single trip to OSM. A while back I wrote a diary post that goes into a little more detail on potentially excessive GPS traces that might interest you! (See my follow-up comment there also.)


I’ve installed Sunnypilot in my laptop. Thank you so much. My laptop drives himself on the way to China.

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