What are the license requirements for files created only by reference to OSM data?

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I understand that data products based around OSM data are required to be made available to the public under an open license.

In my case, I’m creating buffers from the coastlines as found in OSM, and then only using the resulting polygons, without the original coastline features included. I’m not sure whether that counts or not as far as the share-alike requirement. Am I required to make the GIS files for the resulting buffers publicly available? Or is it enough to display the OSM copyright notice in that graphics where I’m displaying those buffers?


The OSM licence has 2 types, “Produced Work”, which is sorta like an image, and there you just have to attribute, or a “Derived Database”, where you’re making a different datasert. You’re required to attribute OSM, and this new dataset is also share alike licesned.

If you’re making a map image of buffered OSM coastlines, that sounds like a Produced Work to me. If you’re making a data file of OSM coastlines, which others can use to make maps, then that sounds like a Derived Database to me.

(IANAL, and this is not OSMF guidelines.)

Have a look at Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) Summary — Open Data Commons: legal tools for open data. I’d say yes (?).

generally you can either make the transformed data available if requested, or describe the method how to create it from OSM data.

Thanks for your thoughts! The thing is, creating a new data file of the buffers is a necessary step in the process making the Produced Work. So I’m trying to figure out, does that in itself require me to publicly share that data file representing the buffers?

License full text Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) v1.0 — Open Data Commons: legal tools for open data

Can you get by with a note like in 4.3.a? Or will 4.4 apply?

From my comprehension of the text, the question is not, whether the intermediate database is “on the fly” (as was written above), instead it is, whether the extract is “Substantial” - Not in a position to decide on that though.