What are the best iPhone apps for recoding tracks?

I’m hosting an OSM workshop on the 16th and it looks like there will be more people attending who have iPhones then I had planed on and I don’t have an iPhone or any iOS device to test the apps that are listed on the Wiki. So I really need help from anyone who has been using an iPhone to collect GPS data that they then uses to edit OSM.

The app has to have an English version so for example Komoot (which sounded great on the Wiki) will not work because it appears to only be in German or at lest that was the case for the Android version.

The app also has to record tracks that can be viewed in JOSM.

It would be best if the app allows users to take pictures and write notes that could then be viewed in JOSM.

Any suggestions would be great!

Thank you

I can hint you only to http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Apple_iOS where there are special columns in each table called “Make track” or similar.

Clickj on the column head to sort the table according to this feature.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at that table but it’s not very helpful because there are more ? on it than anything else which is why I’m asking for help

By the way there are 7 apps that listed on both the iOS tracking table and the Android tracking table
Heres my brake down of those 7 apps:
Naviki and komoot are only in German and I haven’t figured out how to change that but I have tried
Gaia GPS and Navitel cost at lest $20 which is more than I’m going to be able to talk someone who is completely new of OSM into paying
Navit I believe just records the track without anyway to add waypoints which I could be wrong about but since it’s released under the GPLv2 I don’t believe it can even be in the iOS app store so I’m not going to waste a lot of time on it
B.iCycle might just work for what I want to do but it’s not ideal and it cost $4 which is a bad combination
GPS-Tracks so far my best option because I figured out how to switch it to English and it’s free but I still need to go out and test it which I’m going to do after I finish writing this

So in conclusion if anyone is using an iOS app that they like that can record tracks, geo tagged notes, and photos please tell me about it!

PS OsmPad does look like a good app that can be used to recored address on both iOS and Android but you can’t use it to take pictures and it doesn’t really record tracks so it’s not really what I’m looking for (I figured I should say that in case someone want to to tell me about it)


I’m totally new to OSM, GPS and all the rest. So maybe it’s not the best app available - but I quite like Outdooractive: https://itunes.apple.com/de/app/outdooractive/id402191863?mt=8 So far it seems to work very well. Maybe it’s only available in German, maybe not, I don’t know. (edit: It switches to mostly English when I set the iOS language to English) But I like it and it’s free.

To record tracks tap “Tracks” > “Track aufzeichnen” and then the round button at the bottom (“Aufzeichnen”). Then enter a name for the track, choose “übernehmen” and off you go. “Pause” pauses, when paused you can either select “Fortsetzen” (continue) or “stop”. When you clicked stop and then click on record again you can choose to create a new track (“neu”), continue the old one (“Fortsetzen”), use a template (“Vorlage”) or cancel (“abbrechen”).

Be sure to set your GPS accuracy on high before you record: tap “Einstellungen” on the same screen as before (“Tracks”), then set the slider to 1 Meter. The switch on the bottom lets you save the photos to the iPhones photo roll as well (although for some reason without GPS info - GEO info is still visible in the app though).

Download your tracks to your computer via iTunes. (edit: also send out via e-mail, so no need for iTunes)

Thank you for your suggestion but do you know if there is away to change the language in the settings?

Yes! I just set my iPhone’s language to English and now the app displays mostly English. There is still one menu item in German (“Aktuelle Bedingungen” = current conditions). Also the record/continue buttons are still in German. Apart from that it seems to be ok. You’ll surely be able to work without much trouble.

By the way: Tracks are recorded in GPX and work well in JOSM. You cannot write real notes but you can set “waypoints” (short-ish comments only). I don’t know if these waypoints are somehow reflected in the GPX file. But you can obviously view them in the app. And I just noticed you can send out your GPX via mail as well, so no need for iTunes.

For basic OSM editing on the spot you can try out “Go Map!!”: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Go_Map!! If you don’t want to go online while in the field you need to view the area you’ll want to edit first (which means a lot of scrolling). And of course it’s a bit fiddly to work with (and cannot record tracks, photos, … just tagging/creating nodes). But for quick corrections or additions on the ground it’s a nice add-on to your mapping toolkit.

Thank you so much!

I just wanted to let you know: When using outdooractive only take pictures with the iPhone photo app! While outdooractive also has a photo button it does not record either GEO info or even simple TIME/DATE (although time/date are saved when the app is set to also copy pictures to the iPhone photo roll)! I had never tried this before this morning but now I’m stuck with hundreds of pictures without any info where or when they were taken apart from manually reading stuff out from the app. So this sucks big time. Also, taking pictures from within the app takes ages (it creates 2 thumbnails every time). So while it’s great for recording your track I find outdooractive less than overwhelming on the photo side.

Hi dthg
just let you know that I have been using GPS MotionX on an iphone and found it to be very comprehensive and does all I require in gps tracking http://gps.motionx.com/iphone/
The only draw back so far is that it does not have the ability to draw a route to where you want to go. It is quite cheap. Gaia GPS seems to be well regarded on forums but is more expensive.
There are certainly a zillion to sort through.