What about these white+red markings on hiking trails?

I have seen these markings along some trails recently.


They are different from the usual coloured stripes on white background, which are used for marking trails. Here, there are only two stripes, a white one and a red one.

Which organization is responsible for these markings?
How should we put them on the map?

I see that the usual white-red-white markings are mapped like this:

  • The way has tag colour=red
  • The relation has network=lwn, operator=itc, osmc:symbol=red:white:red_stripe

Here, the already mapped way with white+red marking has colour=red but belongs to no relation:

In order to clarify the appearance of the marking (white+red, not white+red+white), we need to put this osmc:symbol tag somewhere. Open Street Map wiki (http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:osmc:symbol) suggests that we can only put it on a relation.


It looks like trauils added by the Haifa WadisTrail.

Most of the trails they map have a relation, such as http://www.openstreetmap.org/relation/3734116.
I’ve asked them to handle the relations for the newer trails, but got no response.

Thanks for the info!
I’ll handle the relation if no one else does it, in a few days.

Any idea about this one, which I have added to the Map yesterday?


It’s not in the Haifa area, but has the same style.

I have no idea.

Generally, I would suggest we do not map trails who’s operator is unknown. It may confuse people, especially when such a trail is in a proclaimed or planned nature reserve.

I think this segment is crossing the boundary of a planned nature reserve.