What about the help site after forum site imported?


All the content(except spam) in the old forum has been migrated to the current discourse. If it is in the form of questions and answers followed by posts, it feels that there is not much difference from the current discourse function. Does it mean that the help site can also be migrated here to reduce Need to switch between multiple sites frequently? Has anyone else come up with this idea before this?

A further question is about whether it possible to have a one-time central login on wiki.openstreetmap.org like this discourse site. Also, has anyone else asked this question as well? (Find it difficult to find those kind of discussion information, my fault)

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Yes, see Add osm.org authentication to Wiki · Issue #507 · openstreetmap/operations · GitHub.

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Yes, the long term plan is to also import help.openstreetmap.org into community.openstreetmap.org, but we are waiting for Discourse Post Voting - plugin - Discourse Meta to become stable before we investigate the effort required. help.osm.org runs OSQA which hasn’t been maintained for a few years.


The Discourse Post Voting plugin is now installed here, but it isn’t 100% yet. Comments cannot yet be automatically translated and there are likely a few more bugs to be fixed.