Welsh street name ambiguity

I have just read the wiki article on multiligual street names and think there might be something lacking…

Near me in Cardiff there is a street called Heol Eglwys - meaning Church Road/Street (cant remember which). Also in Cardiff there is a Church Road and a Church street. Isn’t this a problem?


When tagging names I tend to use the following:

name - what ever its called on the ground, or by those that live there
name:en - the English language name (if one exists, is in use, and isn’t the same as ‘name’)
name:cy - the Welsh language name (if one exists, is in use, and isn’t the same as ‘name’)

Its inevitable that street names clash as settlements grow and engulf what were other towns and villages see the huge number of 'station road’s in Swansea for example

You may also be interested in http://sucs.org/~rollercow/cyosm/ (A welsh language map using Open Street Map)

Thanks for the reply,
That sounds like a good system to follow.

It’s a shame that the original Welsh place names have been taken over by the English ones, especially the names of major cities. I can’t complain though since I’m a non-Welsh speaking Welshman! It’s all my fault.

Cheers, Jon

Having multiple name tags for different languages allows localized maps as show by e.g. the Welsh map, the Frisian map (NL) and the carnaval map (NL). So now you can refresh your Welsh a bit :wink:

I just had a though. I recently posted in the UK forum about there being a possibility of getting free aerial photography from the Welsh Assembly government (http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=432)… I think they would probably be more willing to help out if it could be made to sound beneficial to the Welsh language :wink:


Please do, better aerial data is always welcome. I hope you have some good contacts which you can use for that.

I don’t I’m afraid. I received the data from my university last year and was told it was freely available. I’ve looked at the Welsh Assembly website and sent an email but haven’t heard anything back.


Yeah I did the same here in Stockholm, I emailed but got no response, but then I called instead and I got hold of the gal in charge in no time… But apparently I couldn’t use their Aerials to produce derived works… :frowning: So call them up. It’s alot easier.