Hi friends i have started this forum for pakistanis so that we pakistanis can take advantage of this open source maps.Lets have a look over that and make your ID on open source maps.Everyone who is registered
can edit the data.It will help pakistanis to manage their country well.So i welcome every pakistani to take part in this forum.There are some rules for this forum so please have a look of that rules.And follow it accordingly.

Welcome to the OpenStreetMap community forum. This is the perfect place to talk about - Locally specific OSM issues - Organising mapping parties - Mapping parties after talk - And more
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Please try to keep discussions on topic and positive. Thank you all
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Welcome to the discussion forum of the OpenStreetMap community. This is the ideal place to talk about specific local OSM concerns, the organization and the debriefing meeting of the joint mapping and more.
You can hide this forum as an RSS feed follow: http://forum.openstreetmap.org/extern.p … rss & fid = 14 (more information under http://forum.openstreetmap.org/viewtopic.php?id=4865 )

Forum Rules:
Political discussions with respect to OpenStreetMap are welcome but discussions about religion or politics that have nothing to do with OpenStreetMap are no issues with respect and be curbed. The same goes for personal attacks.
Users are warned once. Continued abuse may lead to a temporary lock (also called “cooling off period” called). Failing that, a permanent ban is possible.
Moderation is not a pleasant task and the moderators can not read all the topics of conversation, but - as in every community - not everyone is able to contribute in a positive way to the community. Therefore, moderation is sometimes necessary. If you think that a topic turns into personal attacks or religious or political discussions without payment in kind, the show please contact by pushing on the “Report” link that appears on each forum post. Render unto troublemaker no food. ("Do not feed the troll ")
Please endeavors you for thematic discussions and unique. Thanks to you all.

Thank you for starting this forum.
Best regards,


hello everyone. I am adeel from Abbottabad, Pakistan

Please take a look here: https://www.facebook.com/kathmandulivinglabs
You could start similar activity in Pakistan as well.
Take a look on the quality of OSM map in Kathmandu.

This place is dead. Come on, people.

hi thanks for creating this

thanks for creating this forum for Pakistani users, But I think We have to keep updating the Forum for more users,

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