Welcome to the Israel OSM Project & FAQ

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  • Locally specific OSM issues
  • Organising mapping parties
  • Mapping parties aftertalk
  • And more

The Israel Wiki project page can give you a lot of information about the status of the project and how you can help to improve it.
Link: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/WikiProject_Israel

IRC channel: irc://irc.oftc.net/osm-il

Everybody is welcome to join and help to get Israels roads available free of charge for everybody.


  • Why does Israel show up only in Hebrew? Can I change it to show only English or Arabic names instead ?

The OSM Israel tries to have whole Israel mapped mainly in two languages: Hebrew and English (Latin characters). Arabic is also existing at several places like Haifa.
So it’s possible to show the country in several languages. Here a small list of examples:
Israel Map in English => http://toolserver.org/~osm/locale/en.html?zoom=9&lat=31.87056&lon=34.9942&layers=BT
Israel Map in Arabic => http://toolserver.org/~osm/locale/ar.html?zoom=9&lat=31.87056&lon=34.9942&layers=BT
Israel Map in Russian => http://toolserver.org/~osm/locale/ru.html?zoom=9&lat=31.87056&lon=34.9942&layers=BT

Source: http://toolserver.org/~osm/locale/


dear mr. israel

am a bit of a newbie… so, bear with me…

is there a way to download the english layer for israel shown here (http://toolserver.org/~osm/locale/en.ht … &layers=BT) or is there a complete israel obf with english street anmes rather than hebrew?

will be glad to use osmand app in my near visit to israel but phone is not enabled to RTL languages…

your help is appreciated


In OSMAND just go to settings, general, Map preferred language and change f.e. to english.

Kind regards,


toolserver link is broken. Try http://mlm.jochentopf.com/?langselect=_&lang=he

This river is tagged as village
Could anybody split village and river?

The toolServer links are broken. Could someone edit them by removing the “FAQ” section and removing “& FAQ” from the description?