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Welcome to the OpenStreetMap community forum for topics related to Canadian mapping.

I have been approached by vaious people doing mapping near Montréal to organise a mapping party, so I figured we may as well use this forum. :slight_smile:

As most of the other country-specific forums, this is a good place to:

  • Locally specific OSM issues
  • Organising mapping parties
  • Mapping parties aftertalk
  • And more

And don’t forget to add the following tag to your OSM wiki homepage:

[[Category:Users in Canada|yournickname]]

so that we can get a list of people mapping in Canada/province/city! c.f. http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Category:Users_in_Canada (the “yournickname”, e.g. JohnDoe, in the tag helps to show your name in the correct alphabetical subsection of the “users in Canada” page.)


Hi, I stickied this post so it serves as the welcoming post for this subforum now. Maybe you want to put the Montreal mapping party bit into a second topic to make everything nice and clean. Thanks.

I am building the Across Canada Trails Transparent GPS Map. Please contact me if you are interested in helping.
The map contains the Entire Trans Canada Trail, along with the Suggested alternate routes.
Designed as a Virtual 4-lane highway Across Canada for those recreational users of the trail.
Showing the Trans Canada Highway Route (cycling on the shoulder all the way)
The Paved cycling route (mainly interurban routes and following along the Trans Canada Trail
The gravel trails, mainly covering where the Trans Canada trail follows the gravel trails.
The dirt trails for hiking and Mountain biking, also following the dirt trails of the trans Canada trail
You can contact me via email or cell phone or facebook.
(I just discovered this site, and it just might work)
I have my routes listed on other sites also.

Sam Vekemans

I’m living in the South Shore of Nova Scotia. I just got started, sadly I don’t have a GPS. I’m quite excited about this project.


Somehow I missed this thread when I joined.

I don’t have a GPS either, but I got lucky.
Someone had up loaded their GPS tracks for some of the major streets in my home town which gave me the starting point I needed. The rest was walking and driving.
If you are using Potlatch, one of the options is to show GPS tracks uploaded.

ok yes. thankyou.If you are using Potlatch, one of the options is to show GPS tracks uploaded.