Weird problem with style file

I use --generate-sea=land-tag=natural=background

In my polygons file I have a polygon rule
natural=background [0x010100 resolution 14]

I was not able to solve this issue with background polygon … strange icons still there.
But I can’t to see this elsewhere. So maybe I just must to live with it :frowning:


I really looks this problem is maybe related to garmin base map. I updated garmin software and something changed.

Some icon disappear some appear. But when I switch to base map there is totally empty place.
Can I try remove base map totally for my unit?


Or maybe garmin software downgrade would help … Any idea how to do it?


Removing the basemap can destroy your unit (at least break the routing) so I wouldn’t recommend this.
Previous firmware releases can be downloaded here:

I would expect that you have a style rule in the points file that fits, and your Garmin uses its builtin icons for the corresponding hex codes. In that case I also get POIs with foreign icons I haven’t in my TYP file on my Garmin (maybe you started with a copy of the default style?).

Just for record …
I tried previous releases from 4.30 version to fix this issue but that didn’t fixed issue with foreigner POIs.

But I changed “map details” setting and they disappeared
Setup > Map > Advanced map setup > Detail > Normal

Before I used “Most” instead of “Normal”



I still having problem with foreigner POI’s. I found something unusual what can be connected to this issue.

On some places I can see red points on my map in qlandkartegt … I think these red dot marking pois for which rule should exist but not entry in TYP file.
These red dots having strange codes like: 5d18 , 200 and very often 00
I don’t have these codes in my point file used at all.

I checked if these poi’s are visible in GPSMapEdit and they are.
Interesting is that if will use different max-nodes setting for splitter they disappear, but I can find them on other place.

On this tile is poi visible on this location 68 45’ 30’’ and 52 51’ 10’’

Same location on this tile have no poi (only splitter max-nodes changed)

Any explanation for this?


I dont use qlandkarte, what are the poi codes in GPSMAPedi, because the numbers you mention are not a valid hex number.
If you dont mention them in your styles, they never should appear on the map.
Can you check on OSM if that poi exist and what it is?

In this case GPSMAPedit says … Unknown type (0x0, point) … on my 22220122.img.

But type varies … It also happened to me in one case that I got ‘Alpine hut’ in middle of ocean. I am using typ "Alpine hut’ 0x48

I am bit suspicious that this can be reason for my foreigner POIs.

They are not on OSM and they position will change if I will change max-nodes values for splitter.