Weird naming around Ban Chang, Rayong.

I notice driving around Ban Chang, that everything was named a bit odd. I can’t read the Thai and the translator does not come up with anything meaningful.

Can someone help me take a look at these?

Weird names: (33) (14)

Numbers as names:

The ones that are numbered have something written in Thai for their operator tag.

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On the first changeset, my Thai gf says it doesn’t really make sense. Cant work out why everything has a 12 in front. Seems like some are names of food shops or names of people, which may run the shops.
I think best if one of our Thai mappers helps out with a note to the Users.

On the last changeset, a note to “Mine fad”, and if no reply, delete all except the add:numbers which are probably valid.

In the first changeset, those “12 พ” do not make sense to me. But otherwise, there seem to be valid names (or descriptions - and food stall names in Thai are typically more descriptions than actual names).
My Thai is not sufficient to understand them fully, but those which I can understand make sense:
E.g. “12 พ พ่วงสะตอ” sato is a vegetable
“12 พ เจ้ชมภู่ก๋วยเตี๋ยวปลา” Kwai Tiao (noodles) with fish
“ครัวรสเลิศ”, khrua means kitchen.
“ข้าวต้มปักษ์ใต้” “khao tom” is rice soup.

In the third changeset, the mapper mixed up tags. “หลังร้านขายกล้วยทอด” “behind shop sell fried …” should be “description” instead of “operator”. I do not understand what the numbers could mean.

User “Mine Fad” was active for a short time only, and that’s 2 years ago. He won’t likely react to any changeset comments / messages.

User “” is still active. Some of his newer changeset have other issues. E.g. - name “Djcncjkf”.

Try contacting the mapper. First one seems to be still active.
The pure numbers are certainly wrong. Maybe a bug in the editor autocomplete or so.
If no response, remove the names not making sense.
Also check other changeset of the user as it could be a systematic problem.