Weird drinking water data points in Antartica

Hi all,

I found some weird “drinking water” spots (made with
Node: 5466554224 | OpenStreetMap
Node: 5467546721 | OpenStreetMap
Node: 5466554223 | OpenStreetMap
Node: 5466554222 | OpenStreetMap

Anyone an idea what these are?

My guess would be that someone tried to add the English name for the bodies of water by searching for “water” in the feature list for and selecting whatever preset appeared.

Duplicate POI seem reasonably common from users. I have had to delete many duplicate tourist attractions that list the name of whole (small) islands because they (presumably) don’t render in a “satisfactory” way for users. In the end I have sometimes given up when this keeps happening in the same spots and just transfer the tag to the feature it duplicates.

Maybe they wanted to tag drinking_water=yes and didn’t find the tag? It looks as if these should tagged on the natural=water polygon and not as a node. amenity=drinking_water on a node in the middle of a lake is not a good representation of anything imaginable, and likely due to restrictions of the app that was used (MapsMe).